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Terms and Conditions

Cancellations: Orders changed or cancelled less than two hours before pickup time will incur a 100% charge (plus greet charge if applicable). 48-hour cancellation policy applies to all bus reservations.

Guaranteed Payment: All reservations are subject to a guaranteed payment. A credit card number will be taken at the time that orders are placed. These orders will be billed if no advanced cancellation is received. (See Cancellations above.)

Shared Rides: Listed rates are based on a single traveler; other passengers can be added for an additional fee. Vehicles may be subject to private car rates if additional wait time is needed. Please allow a 10-minute window on either side of the scheduled time for this service. Luggage limitations are two pieces of luggage and one carry-on per person.

Private Vehicles: Customers who travel with golf clubs, pets, excessive luggage, skis, specific smoking requests, or additional stops will require private car service.

Children: Children must have a car seat provided by the passenger and Carey Indiana is not responsible for storage of car seats.

Airport Greets: Available upon request in the baggage claim for $25.00 per hr.

Long Distance / Out of State Trips: Please call for a quote.

Group Transportation: Carey Indiana has several vans and busses for larger groups or special events. Please call for a quote.

Lost and Found: Carey Indiana is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. However, every attempt is made to return lost items.

Private Car Waiting Time: There is a 15-minute grace period. After the grace period has elapsed, there is an additional charge based on the size of vehicle.

Damage to Vehicles: Passengers may be charged for damage while the vehicle is in their possession. Damage includes but is not limited to: spilled alcohol, damaged or soiled carpets, vomit, cigarette burns or odors that cannot be removed by routine cleaning. Physical damage to the vehicle caused by passenger negligence will be billed for any repairs at our cost.

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