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What is your cancellation policy?

Orders changed or cancelled less than two hours before pickup time will incur a 100% charge (plus greet charge if applicable). 48-hour cancellation policy applies to all bus and specialty vehicle reservations.

Do you offer a greeting service?

Yes, Carey Indiana offers this service. We offer several different services from baggage meets to on-site coordinators for large groups. Please call us for more details.

Does Carey Indiana have a lost and found department?

Yes, our Customer Service department handles any lost items that may have been left in one of our vehicles. Please call (317) 241-2522 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Mon- Fri. We remind you that Carey Indiana is not responsible for any items lost or left in the vehicles.

What is STC?

STC is a surcharge based upon various overhead expense items, some of which may not relate to your specific trip. The STC is not necessarily charged to all customers and it is ordinarily calculated as a flat percentage of your base charge, and may vary subject to usage.

Are Indy Connection and Carey Indiana the same company?

Yes, Indy Connection was acquired by Carey Worldwide Chauffeured Services and the name was changed to Carey Indiana.

What is Shared Ride?

Shared Ride is a discounted rate offered to customers that are traveling to and from the Indianapolis International Airport. The reason we offer the discount is to allow Carey Indiana travelers into the same vehicle that are going to similar geographic location.

Why is the posting date on my credit card not the same as the day I traveled?

Credit cards are posted after the chauffeur submits his or her paperwork. Processing generally takes three days.

Can I establish a direct billing account?

Yes, for more information please contact our sales department.

How often will I receive an invoice on a direct billing account?

We invoice weekly, so you should receive an invoice 7-10 business from the time of service.

Do you have any larger vehicles?

Yes, Carey Indiana is not only a leader in airport transportation; we pride ourselves on our ability to handle groups of any size. Carey Indiana has a full complement of larger sized vehicles. We have vans, minibuses and mini-coaches that can accommodate up to 29 passengers. Carey provides upscale service for black-tie-events, proms, weddings, and any other formal occasion.

Why does Carey Indiana suggest such early pick up times for trips to the airports?

Since the occurrence of 9/11 airport security status can increase without notice. To help insure that you will make your flight we follow what the Department of Aviation suggests for arriving at the airport. We also want to allow for weather and or heavy traffic. Reserve one of our prestigious limo services for you next business occasion or special event.